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Independence Business Park

Independence Business Park (Finial Group)| 43,000 SF of New Office/Warehouses | Houston, TX

This project includes two ground-up spec office/warehouses totaling 43,000 SF. Scope of project also includes extending the business park's private drive and utilities.  

7.24.21 - Foundation was poured this morning for Bldg #4,

DJI 0187

DJI 0207

7.02.21 - Crewmen continue to lay out the sub-sub grade in the paving areas around Bldg. 4 & 8, and are cutting to grade to prepare for select fill,

Screenshot 2021 07 06 094600

Screenshot 2021 07 06 094631

Screenshot 2021 07 06 094651

Screenshot 2021 07 06 094703


6.25.21 - We are resuming select fill in the paving areas around pad #8. Cutting the paving sub grade in the west end of pad #4 to be able to get a minimum of 8” of select fill and compacted. Plumbers are backfilling trenches.


6.12.21 - Windrowing the select fill on Pad 4 and on Pad 8 to help pull the moisture out. Regrading and compacting to get ready for their test on Monday morning. Working on the ditch on the north side of BLDG. 8. Shaping and grading to drain to the pond inlet.



6.11.21 - Site crewmen are laying down the select fill that was stock piled yesterday on Pad 4 and began laying down the select fill that was stock piled yesterday on Pad 4. Crews started the first lift on pad 8, compacting in lifts. The plumbers continue working on the 8” water tie in and continued digging their trench. 



6.10.21 - Site crewmen began the select fill in Pad 4 and are compacting in lifts.


6.10.21 1

6.09.21 - Crews are cutting bldg. pad 4 & 8 to sub grade (in preparation for select fill). Running the 324 over pad 8 to compact it. Back filling stabilized. Back filling stabilized sand over the 2 culverts. Began the layout and grading on the north side ditch,

6.09.21 1



6.08.21 - Cutting bldg. pad 4 to sub grade and starting on pad 8 to prepare for select fill. Running the Roller and 324 over pad 4 to compact it.


6.08.21 1


6.07.21 - Starting the 24” & 15” coverts - excavating to grade, building up hdpe bed with stabilized sand, laying the pipe and back fill to 6” from top of pipe for city inspections. Cutting bldg. pad #4 to sub grade to prepare for select fill. 




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