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Wilson Air North Ramp

  • 12.29.20 - This project includes 76,000 SF of new airplane parking space with full underground detention, to serve additional paving.

  • 12.30.19 – Crews continued from West to East direction cutting to grade. Removed concrete inlet top at the NW end for future drainage. Received the barriers for the West end protection, then set them up, filled with water and installed the lights.

  • 1.06.20 – Working the south west end stripping grass and excavating to grade

  • 2.15.20 – Grading the site in preparation for lime mixture on Monday, and compacting and blue-topping the NE section over the underground detention.

  • 3.02.20 - Crewmen are installing rebar

  • 3.06.20 - Fence removal and cleanup. Start pour.

  • 3.07.20 - Poured 1,000 yards

  • 3.08.20 - Cut control joints in paving, sawcutting

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