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More than 30 years
of experience in Texas

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Recent Projects

Northwinds Construction is a turnkey general construction company that specializes in design and construction of build to suit and development projects. We also offer interior remodeling services, building additions, plan/spec construction, demolition, and sitework.

Traders Village - Houston, TX - 94,000 SF

traders_1 traders_2_400 traders_aerial_400 tradersvillage_lrg_1

Northwinds Construction, M&M Erectors, and Northwinds Commercial Realty - Houston, TX

bathroom_400 conf2_400 hall_400 hallway_400 kitchen_400 lobby2_400 lobby3_400 office_front_1 office6_400 officeangle_400

Dresser-Rand - Houston, TX

Dresser400-1 Dresser400-11 Dresser400-12 Dresser400-2 Dresser400-3 Dresser400-4 Dresser400-5 Dresser400-6 Dresser400-8 Dresser400-9

Vantage Pkwy Dev Phase I - Houston, TX

SoundstarP1400-10 SoundstarP1400-2 SoundstarP1400-3 SoundstarP1400-4 SoundstarP1400-5 SoundstarP1400-6 SoundstarP1400-7 SoundstarP1400-8 SoundstarP1400-9 SoundstarP1400

Jersey Village Baptist Church Youth Center - Jersey Village, TX

jerseyvillage10_400 jerseyvillage11_400 jerseyvillage2_400 jerseyvillage4_400 jerseyvillage5_400 jerseyvillage8_400 jerseyvillage9_400

Therapy Village - Cypress, TX - 8,800 SF

therapy400-1 therapy400-10 therapy400-12 therapy400-15 (1) therapy400-15 therapy400-16 therapy400-2 (1) therapy400-2 therapy400-6 therapy400-8 therapy400

Cornerstone United Methodist Church - Houston, TX - 11,000 SF

cornerstone_ceiling_400 cornerstone_front_400 cornerstone_front2_400 cornerstone_fwd_400 cornerstone_hall_400 cornerstone_profile_400 cornerstone_profile2_400 cornerstone_restroom_400 cornerstone_road_400 cornerstone_stple_400

Recon - Houston, TX - 15,799 SF Buildout

IMG_1134 IMG_1137 IMG_1265 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 IMG_1397 IMG_1399 IMG_1400 IMG_1403 IMG_1408 IMG_1411 IMG_1413 IMG_1414

Spectrum of Hope - Cypress, TX - 12,000 SF

Therapy Clinic

IMG_0433 IMG_0438 IMG_0440 IMG_0445 IMG_0448 IMG_4954 IMG_4958 IMG_4962 IMG_4963 IMG_4964 IMG_4965 IMG_4970

Spectrum of Hope Phase II - Cypress, TX - 16,598 SF

Therapy Clinic

IMG_8776 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8793 IMG_8813 IMG_8963 IMG_8966 IMG_8971 IMG_8975 IMG_8976 IMG_8977 IMG_9795 IMG_9797

Detering Co. - Houston, TX - 107,000 SF



Houston Oilfield - Houston, TX - 12,000 SF

HoustonOilField_400 HoustonOilField_WH_400 HoustonOilField2_400 HoustonOilField3_400 HoustonOilField4_400 HoustonOilField5_400 HoustonOilField6_400 HoustonOilField7_400 HoustonOilField9_400

AAA Spring Self-Storage - Spring, TX - 26,000 SF

AAAspringstorage_front400 AAAspringstorage_gate2-400 AAAspringstorage_gate400

Amarr - Houston, TX - 47,000 SF

Amarr_400 Amarr_400x252 amarr_loading_area_400 amarr_sidewall_400

Belle Rose Maison - Conroe, TX - 12,000 SF

bellerose_400 bellerose2_400 bellerose3_400 bellerose4_400 bellerose5_400

Texcel - Houston, TX - 80,000 SF

texcel_doors_400 texcel_front_400 (1) texcel_front_400 texcel_frontangle_400 texcel_inside_400 texcel_kitchen_400 texcel_shop_400

TMEC - Houston, TX

tmec_confrm_400 tmec_confrm2_400 tmec_cubicles_400 tmec_front_400 tmec_frontangle_400 tmec_waitingarea_400

WSI - Houston, TX - 47,750 SF

wsi_conf_400 wsi_front_400 wsi_frontangle_400 wsi_hall_400 wsi_lobby_400 wsi_shop_400

Wilson Air Center - Hobby Airport - Houston, TX

wilsonAir_400 wilsonAirhanger_400 wilsonAirhanger2_400 wilsonAirLobby_400

Christ Covenant Church - Houston, TX

christcov_400 christcov_entrance_400 christcov_front_400 christcov_inside_400

Grant Road Retail Center - Houston, TX

grant_road_400 (1) grant_road_400 grant_road2_400 grant_road3_400

Sonoma Ranch Pool/Recreation Facility - Houston, TX

pool_400_2 pool_400-3 pool_400front poolside_400

Heritage Animal Hospital - Friendswood, TX

vet_400-2 vet_400-3 vet_400-4 vet_400-front2 (1) vet_400-front2 vet_400-front4 vet_400

ESP, Specialty Steel Products - Houston, TX

esp_400_5 esp_400-2 esp_400-3 esp_400-4 esp_400 esp_lobby_400 (1) esp_lobby_400 esp_office_400-2 esp_office_400-3 esp_warehouse_400

Messiah Lutheran Church Education Building - Cypress, TX

messiahlutheran_400 messiahlutheran2_400 messiahlutheran3_400 messiahlutheran4_400

Anson Flowline Equipment, Inc. - Houston, TX

Anson_front2_400 (1) Anson_front2_400 Anson_side_400 Anson_warehouse_400

Templo Bautista - Houston, TX

Templo-Bautista-003_400 Templo-Bautista-004_400 Templo-Bautista-005_400 templobautista_400 templobautista2_400 templobautista3_400

ASEP - Houston, TX

ASEP_400 ASEP2_400 ASEP3_400 ASEP4_400

Lansdowne - Moody Co. - Houston, TX

lansdowne_moodyfront_400 lansdowne-moody_400 lansdowne-moody2_400 lansdowne-moodyshop_400

NS Controls - Houston, TX

nscontrols_entry400 nscontrols_front2400 nscontrols_front400 nscontrols_warehouse400

D&L Electric Co. - Houston, TX

dleclectric_400 DLElectric_400 DLElectric2_400 (1) DLElectric2_400

Ninety-Nine 77 - Houston, TX

43,000 SF multi-tenant professional suites facility

kolkhurst3_400 (1) kolkhurst3_400 ninetynine77_400 ninetynine77-2_400 ninetynine77-3_400

Pointsmith - Houston, TX

pointsmith_400 pointsmith-dock_400 pointsmith-shop2_400 (1) pointsmith-shop2_400 pointsmith-shop3_400 pointsmith2_400 pointsmith3_400

Coastal Bend Property Development Office

Timbercreek Golf Course - Friendswood, TX

coastalbend_400 coastalbend10_400 coastalbend11_400 coastalbend14_400 coastalbend15_400 coastalbend3_400 coastalbend4_400 coastalbend7_400 coastalbend8_400 coastalbend9_400

Kingwood Retail - Kingwood, TX

kingwoodRetail_400 kingwoodRetail2_400

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