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Texcel | 42,000 SF Warehouse Expansion | Houston, TX

Below are final photos of the facility's exterior,

IMG 1785

IMG 1786

IMG 1787

IMG 1789

IMG 1790

3.11.19 - Crewmen applied Diamond Hard sealer to the warehouse floor and are trimming out the building. This project is nearing completion,

IMG 0863

IMG 0864

IMG 0867

IMG 0868

IMG 0866

IMG 0869

IMG 0865

2.20.19 - Crews are addressing trim, seaming the roof, installing liner panel, and finishing their removal of an interior wall,

IMG 2744

IMG 2745

IMG 2767

IMG 2768

IMG 2770

IMG 2773

IMG 2774

2.11.19 - Crewmen have nearly finished the roof. The front approach and sidewalk are demoed and crewmen are prepping to pour it back. Crews are working behind the existing building to build up the subgrade for the sidewalk. Crewmen plan to pour the remainder of the paving, approach, and sidewalk this week,







7 thumb

2.05.19 - About 75% of the paving has been poured. The roof is about 60% complete and the gas lines are almost 100% ran. We are currently working on backfilling behind the building,





5 thumb


1.21.19 - Insulated wall sheeting is half-way complete. Crewmen will begin sheeting the roof within the next few days. The lime stabilization process is complete and all of the paving subgrade is blue topped and cut to final grade. A pour is scheduled Friday that will include pouring 80% of the paving,




5 thumb


1.07.19 - This last week we have encountered more rain. We were finally able to get the crane onsite Friday. Our erection crews spent Friday and Saturday hanging steel. We were able to get the side walls and end-wall stood up as well as partially hung four pre-assembled main frames. Crewmen will continue to hang steel this week.






12.22.18 - The slab is complete,




12.19.18 - The pour is underway. Crewmen work the drive with the dozer to keep a dry and navigatable path for the concrete trucks,

IMG 7118

IMG 5508

IMG 5515

IMG 5510


12.18.18 - Crewmen are tying steel and wrapping everything up for tonight's pour,

IMG 7110

IMG 7111

IMG 7116


12.14.18 - The foundation pad is complete, with piers poured and interior anchor bolts poured. The underground plumbing is installed. Crews will begin tying the structural steel tomorrow. The slab pour is scheduled for 2 am next Tuesday. The storm sewer is complete. The paving subgrade is 80% cut to grade. The building delivery is scheduled by next Friday and crewmen will plan to hang steel starting December 26.








12.04.18 - Pouring piers,

IMG 7049

IMG 7050

IMG 7051

11.05.18 - Crews are awaiting a wall cover inspection for the office renovation, then they will be ready to paint and install floors. Crews are building the pad for the warehouse expansion,

IMG 6798

IMG 6799

IMG 6800

IMG 6801

IMG 6802

IMG 6804

IMG 6805

IMG 6807


9.12.18 - Crewmen are stripping and excavating the site for Texcel's 42,000 SF warehouse expansion. The expansion is to Texcel's original 78,000 SF facility we constructed in 2007. Austin Leitko is the Superintendent with Trevor Robinson as the PM for this project,

texcel frontangle 400

IMG 2683





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