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Richey Rd Development - Phase III

Richey Rd Development - Phase III | 19,700 SF Office/Warehouse | Houston, TX

This project is complete.

IMG_1213 IMG_1214 IMG_1221 IMG_1220 IMG_1219 IMG_1215 IMG_1218 IMG_1216 IMG_1210 IMG_1211

5.16.16 - Flooring is complete. Ceiling tiles are scheduled for Wednesday with a final clean to follow.

richeybldg3_5.16.16 richeybldg3_5.16.16-2 richeybldg3_5.16.16-3

4.12.16 - This project is nearing completion. Masonry and flooring work are underway. Millwork is complete.

RicheyPhaseIII_4.12.16 RicheyPhaseIII_4.12.16-2 RicheyPhaseIII_4.12.16-4 RicheyPhaseIII_4.12.16-5 RicheyPhaseIII_4.12.16-3

3.07.16 - Curbs were poured this morning. Walls are being one sided. Roughing in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

richey3.07.16-2 richey3.07.16-4 richey3.07.16-3 richey3.07.16

3.01.16 - Crewmen are installing the insulated wall sheeting and are installing light guage framing in the office.

richey2.29.16-3 richey2.29.16-2 richey2.29.16

2.17.16 - Crewmen have progressed to sheeting the office roof while additional crews prepare for Friday's paving pour.

richeybldg3 2.17.16

richeybldg3 2.17.16 2

2.09.16 - Crewmen are hanging steel

RicheyBldg3 2.09.16

1.29.16 - Project Manager Cade Leitko and crewmen began pouring the slab this morning.

RicheyPhaseIII 1.29.16 2

RicheyPhaseIII 1.29.16

1.20.16 - Crewmen are cutting stakes and digging grade beams for Thursday's slab pour.

RicheyBldg3_1.20.16 RicheyBldg3_1.20.16-2 RicheyBldg3_1.20.16-3

12.31.15 - Crewmen continue to form the pad.

richeybldg3 12.31.15

12.08.15 - Site is currently too wet for site work, but crews will soon continue their work on this project.

10.15.15 - Sitework is underway.

RicheyPhaseIII 10.15.15

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