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Katy Business Park Bldg 1

Katy Business Park Bldg 1 | 12,000 SF PEMB | Katy, TX

3.13.18 - Progress on the water tank and the detention pond,


Siteone3.13.18 2

Siteone3.13.18 3

1.09.18 - The pad is built for this new facility and crewmen are grading the detention pond. This new office/warehouse is Available for Sale or Lease, off Clay Rd in Katy,

KH1 exterior

KH1 exterior2


SpecBldg1 3

SpecBldg1 4

SpecBldg1 5

SpecBldg1 6

SpecBldg1 7

SpecBldg1 8


16110 Clay Rd
Engineered Air Balance, Co.

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