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Cornerstone UMC

Cornerstone United Methodist Church Gymnasium | 9,737 SF PEMB | Houston, TX

11.15.16 - Final photos of the gym floor,


cornerstoneumc11.15.16 2


cornerstoneumc11.15.16 3

cornerstoneumc11.15.16 4


cornerstoneumc11.15.16 5

10.27.16 - Ready for the grand opening this weekend

cornerstoneumc gym final




10.05.16 - Final clean is underway and also addressing punch-out items. An ADA inspection is scheduled for tomorrow

9.16.16 - Progress as of today

cornerstone_gym_9.16.16 cornerstone_gym_9.16.16-2 cornerstone_gym_9.16.16-3 cornerstone_gym_9.16.16-4 cornerstone_gym_9.16.16-5 cornerstone_gym_9.16.16-6

9.09.16 - Lights and Hvac are online. Flooring began in the restrooms, kitchen, and multi-purpose room.

cornerstone9.09.16 cornerstone9.09.16-3 cornerstone9.09.16-2

8.19.16 - Crewmen are taping the walls, and are installing the lights, windows, and HVAC units.

cornerstone8.19.16-2 cornerstone8.19.16 cornerstone8.19.16-3

7.29.16 - Interior framing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing rough in, and building trim out are underway.

cornerstone_7.29.16 cornerstone_7.29.16-2 cornerstone_7.29.16-3

7.20.16 - Interior framing continues.

cornerstone_7.20.16-3 cornerstone_7.20.16-2 cornerstone_7.20.16

7.18.16 - Interior framing is underway as additional crews pour the balance of sidewalk and stairs.

cornerstone7.18.16 2


7.07.16 - Finishing the wall sheeting.

IMG_1585 IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1589

6.30.16 - Pouring mezzanine and sidewalks.

IMG 1447

IMG 1448

6.20.16 - Hanging steel

cornerstone thumb

5.26.16 - Crews poured the foundation today.


cornerstone5.25.16 2

5.23.16 - Setting forms

IMG 0627

5.10.16 - Crewmen are drilling piers

IMG 0301

2.04.16 - Crewmen are working on the building pad. They are starting the first lift today.

cornerstone gym2.04.16 2

cornerstone gym2.04.16

1.05.16 - Project Manager Dennis Montesinos will oversee the construction of this new PEMB that will serve as a gymnasium. The project includes associated sidewalks for the facility.

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